I love this daycare. I have very high standards and highly recommend this place for any child. Please continue the amazing work you do.

Amanda Welder

I had a really hard time deciding who would take care of my boys when I went back to work and am so glad I chose this daycare! It has a family feel to it, tons of family events and even positive parenting classes. The staff have not changed over the past year and are caring and positive. I would definitely recommend this daycare.

Dianne Forte

Great Staff, awesome field trips, great meals, fun fundraisers, and perks of Eskimo tix to take your little ones! 🙏🏽Thanks Glengarry💙

Tania L. Jorgensen

Great daycare.
Glengarry teach kids discipline and get them engaged in useful activities all day long. I have dealt with over 9 teachers in Glengarry during the last 3 years, with my two kids who are now 5 and 7, all of the teachers were awesome! with great passion towards kids and relentless patience. They also support families especially those who are lower income, by providing year long coupons to great events and child activities like K days. As well as events addressing parenting. I have always felt like they are my family members. And I do recommend them to my friends when I am asked.

Mariam Ahmed Mattar

Glengarry staff are amazing. My son has progressed so well and he absolutely loves going every morning! The staff are always cheerful and embrace my son every morning with a hug and a smile. They are the greatest! I couldn’t be more happy or grateful to have my son part of such a wonderful community! Thank you to all your staff!

Sabrina Di Toppa

I would like to say that our son was in this daycare, when he was old enough to be accepted till after school care and now our sons daughter, our grand-daughter is going here. The staff has changed a little since then like retired and past on RIP, but a few are still there. It is my opinion that they do take care and pride in watching children at any age then and now. Thanks Brad and Charlene and all the staff at Glengarry.

Greg Auger