Glengarry Child Care Society ensures high quality care for children and support for families and the community by facilitating educational programs and services that enhance the development of each individual.


The Quality of Life and Environment in Glengarry Child Care Society depends upon the partnership among the Community, Parents, and Early Childhood Educators.  In order to assure a Quality Community, we STRIVE to adhere to the following values:


We strive to understand and respect the needs of our community

We commit to continually improve our services, in partnership with the community


We support each other in achieving our common goals

We respect different concerns and points of view


We encourage and expect the best from ourselves

We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and their results


We are committed to honesty and openness in our activities

We conduct ourselves in an ethical manner


We strive to envision the changing future interests of the community

We continually plan and prepare to meet future needs


We provide services to the community with a human touch

We respect the uniqueness of each individual


  • To provide high quality child care to the community that is accessible to all families regardless of income level.
  • To provide care for children whose circumstances are identified by other professionals as in need of child care due to special circumstances.
  • To provide a model of child care, which will strengthen and support the role of the family as the primary caregiver of the child.
  • To nurture multicultural awareness, to ensure that differing needs of all families are recognized and met.
  • To provide integrated care for children with special needs and to advocate educational mainstreaming.
  • To advocate on issues affecting the quality of life for all young children in the community at large.
  • To develop creative approaches to learning which integrate the physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of the child.
  • To create an environment, that is child centered, supportive, non-competitive, trusting and individually paced.